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Below you find an overview of YouTube videos with Wil Offermans divided into 3 sections: videos as a soloist and in various combinations; videos of the Duo Ueda Offermans; and some videos of various flute events. To see a video, just click on the related image. More videos can be found at his YouTube Channel windysounds.

Wil Offermans - various

Duo Ueda Offermans

Inner Voices, Duo Ueda Offermans, voice, Thumpy

Inner Voices, Duo Ueda Offermans (voice & Thumpy)
Live recording of the Japanese-Dutch duo Junko Ueda (voice) and Wil Offermans (Thumpy flute) of their work 'Inner Voices' at the Màntica Festival in Teatro Comandini, Cesena, Italy on 26th October 2013.


Flute Day Project

Inner Voices, Duo Ueda Offermans, voice, Thumpy

Voices of Nagasaki - Luzern Music School, Switzerland
This video has been recorded at the presentation concert of the Flute Day by Wil Offermans for the Musikschule Luzern, Switzerland, which took place at the Aula Kantonsschule Alpenquai Luzern on November 25th 2012. Here 'Voices of Nagasaki' is performed by the teachers.



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    Luna y Sierra

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  • How to Survive in Paradise

    Forbidden Valley
    a flute quintet for 3fl, alto and bass flute

    Waltz of the Wolves
    A flute duet, enjoyable and playful.

    Luna y Sierra
    for flute solo with accompaniment by one or more Instruments

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