More YouTube Videos: Luzern

Here are three new videos of the recent Flute Day concert in Luzern, Switzerland:

  1. Luna y Sierra, performed by Wil Offermans with 65 flute students.
  2. Voices of Nagasaki performed by the Flute Teachers Collective Luzern.
  3. Thumpy Improvisation performed by Wil Offermans and about 25 flute students. See the Video Gallery for more videos.

Autumn 2012 Flute Events with Wil Offermans

Nov 25: Music School Luzern, Switzerland
Nov 24: Music Hochschule Luzern, Switzerland

On November 25 Wil Offermans conducted a Flute Day for the Musikschule Luzern at the Aula Kantonsschule Alpenquai Luzern, Switzerland, with 65 flute-students and 10 flute-teachers. The day was concluded with a concert. The program included: Luna y Sierra, Voices of Nagasaki, Jungle Dance, Kojo-no-Tsuki, Thumpy and Dance with Me. See photos here or click on the image on the right. Additionally, on November 24th Offermans presented a flute masterclass at the Hochschule Musik Luzern (see photos here).

Nov 18: deKunstAcademie, Knokke-Heist, Belgium

November 18th 2012 Wil Offermans presented a Flute Day for the flute students of the deKunstAcademie in Knokke-Heist, Belgium. The day was concluded with a presentation concert. The program included: Jungle Dance, Kojo-no-Tsuki, Thumpy and Dance with Me. See photos of the event here or click on the image on the right.

Nov 10: Music School Lleida, Spain

On November 10th 2012, from 11:00 till 19:00, Wil Offermans conducted a Flute Day for the younger flute students of the Conservatori i Escola Municipal de Música de Lleida in Spain. The day was concluded with a presentation concert. The program included: Jungle Dance, Luna y Sierra, Thumpy and Dance with Me. See photos of the event here or click on the image on the right.

Nov 03: Music School Delfzijl, The Netherlands

On November 3rd 2012 Wil Offermans conducted a Flute Ensemble Day for the flute students of the IVAK creative centre of Delfzijl, Holland. The event took place at the Nova Vita building in the picturesque nearby Middelstum. The final concert program included: Jungle Dance, Voices of Nagasaki, Bamburia, Luna y Sierra, Kojo-no-Tsuki and Dance with Me (performed together with young dance students of IVAK). See photos of the event here or go to the Photo Gallery page. Click the video image to watch the overview video. Visit the Video Gallery page for more videos.

Oct 19/20: Music School Biberach, Germany

On October 19./20. Wil Offermans was invited at the Bruno-Frey-Musikschule in Biberach, Germany. On the 19th he presented a workshop on extended techniques for advanced flute students. On the second day there was a Flute Day with presentation concert. You can see photos of the event here: Workshop 19th Oct. and Flute Day 20th Oct. Also you can watch three videos of the concert: Jungle Dance, Dance with Me and Kojo-no-Tsuki (click on the video images). See more videos at the Video Gallery page.

Sep 28/29: Music School Stavanger & Sandnes, Norway

On September 29th 2012 Wil Offermans conducted a Flute Day for the music schools of Stavanger and Sandnes in Norway. The final presentation concert included: Jungle Dance, Kojo-no Tsuki, Thumpy and Dance with Me. Additionally, on September 28th Offermans gave a masterclass on extended techniques for the advanced students. See photos of the event here or click on the image on the right.

Flute Summer Course 2012 in Spain

The 21st international Flute Summer Course 2012 by Dutch flutist-composer Wil Offermans has been held from August 20th until 27th, 2011 in Sayalonga (Malaga), Spain with participants from countries like USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Slovenia and Sweden. In this wonderful and inspiring ambiance and a climate of dynamic nature and cultural inspiration Offermans conducted the course, sharing his contemporary approach on flute playing with the participants. Main literature was Offermans' etude book For the Contemporary Flutist (published by Zimmermann a.o.). Other topics included extended techniques like bamboo tones, harmonics, circular breathing, multi-phonics and whisper tones; sound development; body movement; improvisation in performance and education; ensemble playing; ethnic flutes. Click here to see an extended photo impression of the 2012 course.

Flöjtmania Summer Course in Örebro, Sweden

From June 25 until 30 Wil Offermans has been guest teacher at the 20th Flöjtmania (Flutemania) Summer Course in Kåvesta, Örebro, Sweden, next to Torleif Ander (initiator) and Anna Svensdotter.
You can watch several videos of the concert: Dance with Me, Labyrinth, Luna y Sierra and Jungle Dance (just click on the images above). See more videos at the Video Gallery page.
The course has been organized by the University of Örebro in Sweden. The course was running two parallel levels with Offermans intensively working with the advanced level. The course also included two concerts: a teachers concert on June 26th and a final presentation concert on June 29th. More info at

New website 'For the Contemporary Flutist Online'

Wil Offermans has initiated the new website For the Contemporary Flutist Online which offers extensive information and illustrated exercises related to the extended flute techniques, especially to his etude book For the Contemporary Flutist. The idea was inspired by the twelve articles he wrote last year for the Japanese music magazine Pipers. Each article focused on one etude and its extended technique. Also, the importance of the extended techniques as a modern and effective tool for all flutists is comprehensively explained. The website including some additional audio materials (video will be added later) and is available as a free online source for all flutists. The URL of the website is:

New flute ensemble composition 'Bamburia' published

Music publishing house Zimmermann, Frankfurt, just released the publication of a new composition by Wil Offermans for flute ensemble titled Bamburia. The piece is for 1 flute solo, 5 flutes and 1 bass flute. Alternatively, the bass flute part can also be performed on a regular flute… A main element in Bamburia is the fascinating spanish flamenco rhythm: the buleria. …in the central part the flutists put their flute aside and perform the buleria-rhythm by clapping the hands… There are a few special techniques used like the 'tongue pizzicato' and the 'breath attack'. The piece is, of course like all the editions of Zimmermann, world-wide available through your local music store, but also online through the artist-run Studio E Online Shop. Click here to learn more about the piece, including video and score details.

New YouTube videos from Japan Xmas Tour 2011

There are some new videos available of the recent Japan Xmas Tour 2011. This includes the world-premieres of Bamburia for flute ensemble; Forbidden Valley for 5 low flutes (from bass flute till double contrabass flute) and the Heike Monogatari Duo with Junko Ueda. You can watch these videos by clicking on the images above. See more videos at the Video Gallery page.



  • NEW CD
    Luna y Sierra

  • Daily Sensibilities

  • Made in Japan

  • How to Survive in Paradise

    Forbidden Valley
    a flute quintet for 3fl, alto and bass flute

    Waltz of the Wolves
    A flute duet, enjoyable and playful.

    Luna y Sierra
    for flute solo with accompaniment by one or more Instruments

  • The Thumpy Flute